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Yesterday and Today..

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

As I start each morning I think about what I want to accomplish today in addition to what I hope to catch up on that I didn't finish yesterday.

Yesterday I planned to work on my computer and write a section of a pattern book that I am working on (more about that another time) also to add some more listings to my Etsy site and then if I had time I was going to do a little sewing. Well, that didn't work out at all like I planned but I did have a very productive day nonetheless.

The minute I got to the office section of my art space I saw ironing board sitting there with all the little squares of Christmas fabric that I had put fusible on the night before. Oh! I thought, I better cut them out before they fall off the iron and get lost. After I cut them out I decided to re-cut them into the little outfits I was using them to dress gingerbread people with.

As I brought them over to my sewing machine I saw the quilt lying on my long arm quilting machine. The quilt was a simple design, called a disappearing 9 patch that I had assembled last year and never quilted. I decided I would put it on the frame so I could work on it later. I found threads for the top and bottom that I really liked so I threaded the machine. After staring at the quilt for a few minutes inspiration struck and I started to quilt it. I was really enjoying the design I had worked out in those few minutes and before you know it I was half way done so I figured, what the heck, I might as well finish it! So I did! And in record time, just under 3 hours. Usually it takes me days to figure out what to quilt let alone actually finish it.

So much for computer work that morning.

After lunch I sat down to finish my today list (this is still yesterday) and realized I could not work on my patterns as I needed to make two more samples so I spent the rest of the day making the samples I needed. I was able to cut out my shapes and get both small quilt tops completed. I prepared the batting, backing and binding for both projects so I am ready to finish in tomorrow morning (that would be today).

I am please to say that today I did complete the two projects that had worked on yesterday. I am not sure what happened to the rest of the day though. It is now nearly 4pm and I haven't started the real stuff on my list from yesterday, let alone the quilt I wanted to work on today. Well I guess I will just have to put it on my list for tomorrow, as soon as I catch up on the stuff I didn't today first thing in the morning.

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