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HI!…I'm Mary Anne Fontana and the following is my Bio....


The artistic gene came from my mother’s side of the family. Not only were they quilters, they also did Ukrainian Egg Decorating, crocheting, painting, photography, gardening, and duck carving.


I started sewing and crocheting when I was 8.  Painting soon followed, and then quilting, gardening, Ukrainian egg decorating, photography, pattern/quilt block design, long arm quilting and most recently as an Educator for a national quilting company.


As an artist I think it is important to always keep your mind open to inspiration and to always follow your instincts and go where your senses lead you. So some days I may need the structure of geometric shapes and rote sewing and turn to my AccuQuilt system while other days I need more freedom and will print one of the photos I took on wholecloth and then embellish it with hundreds and hundreds of yards of thread or take out my watercolors paints, oil paint sticks, fusible web or scraps of fabric and just play. The joy is in the creating something from inside yourself and expressing it in a tangible way so that you can share your vision for the world to see.


I grew up within the NYC boundaries but there was nothing city like about it. The neighborhood was more like a small fishing village and was located in southern Brooklyn, not too far from Coney Island.  After I finished school I landed a job in Manhattan in which I was required to travel extensively throughout the Far East and Europe.  The travel allowed me to scour the foreign cities I visited for fabric or inspiration or both as I was now making my own business clothing as well as quilting.


By the time my son was born we were living in central New Jersey and I purchased my first Bernina sewing machine. Prior that I was sewing on a Sears Kenmore, what a step up the new machine was!!!  I took every class that the Bernina Shop offered and really learned a lot! My recommendation is always take every lesson that is included with the purchase of a new machine! It was invaluable!


I started working independently so I could be close to home and available for my son. During his early years I added making baby quilts, baby clothes, blankets and of course, the mandatory Halloween costumes to my repertoire!


In 2009 I moved to Delaware. That same year I started a small “art studio” to teach quilting & fiber arts but soon realized I’d rather be quilting than teaching!!! The prep work was not for me so I closed up shop and devoted my time to my art.


Worked as an independent sales rep after that and then finally retired in 2017. Up until recently I was spending most of my time quilting, gardening, taking pictures and traveling.

In 2019 I got restless and became an Educator for a nationally known quilt company so I could share my love and knowledge of quilting while still having lots of time to create!


And in 2020 I moved into a retirement community. With the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic there is no more traveling to teach so I stay home most of the time designing quilts and patterns using either the AccuQuilt cutting system, my own photography as inspiration or a combination of both.


Currently I am creating custom patterns and unique quilt blocks using the AccuQuilt cutting system. I no longer rotary cut, unless there’s no die for that and then it is limited to what is absolutely necessary!


Please follow/like my blog or Watch my videos on YouTube….lots of tips and quilting tricks. Much more to come!

If you interested in making one of my quilts please visit my Etsy Shop for my patterns. I also offer completed, ready to display art quilts for sale.

Feedback is welcome! 

Questions are welcome!

I will always try to answer any inquiry in a timely manner.

Have a nice day!

And Happy Quilting

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