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Still catching up from yesterday (and last year).

First thing yesterday morning I took pictures of the two small quilts I was working on for my "project" and actually managed to organize about 10 pages of detail on my computer! I was so happy I actually sat down and did what I had planned to do 3 days I felt good, I was starting to catch up on the "to do" list in my head!

I finished quilting and binding the Lemoyne Holiday quilt I was working on. And no, I am not very early for this Christmas, I am very late for last Christmas. I started it last year in early December. I couldn't quilt it as I sold my old Long-arm (it was about 15 years old) and was getting a new one after we moved earlier this year. This is one of the many quilt tops I made between November and February just before I moved. I am now trying to get them done while I have all this time at home.

While I was quilting the Lemoyne Christmas Star I managed to record a short video on the quilting design I used. It is relatively easy to make a quilt top like this if you do what I did and use the AccuQuilt Lemoyne Block on Board die (BOB) # 55453 to cut out all the pieces. What I find a challenge is figuring out how to do the "quilt as desired" part at the end of most patterns regardless of who writes them so I decided to make the video showing the quilt design I decided to use. Thought it would be fun to share. Just have to edit it and post it. That is on my list for tomorrow :)

OK, so back to "disappearing 9 patch" I worked on and shared in an earlier blog. The blue and green one with the little yellow squares. I found another quilt top had made in the same colors using 4 of my left over disappearing 9 patch blocks plus 5 of the original 9 patch blocks before I cut them up. I loaded it on the frame and quilted half of this mini version yesterday. Finished it this morning and then put the same binding on both quilts. I used the leftover backing for the binding. I feel like I am on a roll!

Today I want load another quilt onto my frame, do some computer work on my "project", hoping to finish the section I am working on and if I get lucky maybe set up my photo area so I can take some better pictures of the quilts I need to find new homes for.

Oh, I almost forgot about the gingerbread people I was working on for this Christmas...hope it will get done in time.

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