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SouthWest Blanket....a quilt

After awhile you start running out of names for your quilts. Or at least, I do.

Many times I will use the name of the block I used as it helps me to remember it

On this latest quilt I broke from my traditional method as I could not find a pleasant sounding quilt name from the blocks I used which were the Flowering Snowball and three different stars, all with eight points: one has a dark center, one has a large light center and the third features "spiky" points.

I thought of Flowering Stars, SnowStars, Snowballs and Stars, Stars with Snowballs....etc, etc. As you can see they are sounded a bit silly so I decided to call it what I thought it looked like and that was a SouthWest blanket...

If you can think of a better name that relates to to the blocks then please, do share!!!

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