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Meet Maria....

Maria is a flamenco dancer. Actually I do not really know her name but she looks a lot like a girl I know named the completed quilt was named MARIA.

I saw Maria perform on an outdoor stage on a warm spring day in a small town in Spain called Mercia. We were on a tour and the bus dropped us off just outside the city square so we wandered around and decided to have lunch at an outdoor cafe just to the left of the cathedral (image attached). There was a stage set up. Apparently there was an outdoor flamenco dance recital planned for that very lunchtime. What a treat! We were able to witness many different dance performances by various student groups and more advanced dancers as well.

Maria was one of 3 women who performed together as a group. All previous groups had been much larger, As the show continued the groups got smaller and smaller and their experience and talent grew larger and larger.

This trio was the last act and the most experienced, elegant and theatrical. They were amazing to watch! One wore a burgundy dress (Maria) another a deep green and the third an elegant ivory.

I took many pictures and selected the one I liked the best. I did some touch up as the original selected image showed her standing with arms raised motionless. Her "Twirl" and her dress has come to rest. Wanting some motion in my quilt I selected a second photo with her dress twirling and merged the two photos to get the look I wanted. I resized the image and had it professional printed on 2 yards of 100% cotton so overall the wall quilt measures 42" wide X 72" tall. I then quilted the entire piece leaving her face and much of her dress unquilted but heavily detailing the background. The background image in the quilt is the same cathedral as in the second picture.

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