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Japanese Style Market Bags

Here are some pictures of the Japanese style market bags I recently designed.

I made two different sizes: a large which makes a great shopping bag as it will carry lots and lots of stuff. The smaller version is great for carrying lunch and maybe a pair of shoes.

Couldn't decide on what material to make them in so I tried a few versions and I find all have their appeal.

Both small market bags and many of the larger ones were made with two layers of 100% cotton and regular quilters cotton batting. They are much more "shaped" and will stand on their own.

The Tan Leopard is cotton canvas and is lined with dark brown cotton fabric. It is very "slouchy" and can be rolled up easily to toss in your car or shopping cart. I like the way the canvas works with the design.

The faux embossed suede is unlined and sewn up on the serger. Went much faster as there was no need to prep the fabric. Just cut and serged. Also a more relaxed style. This was quick and easy. I think I will have to hunt for more fabric like this.

Which do you like best?

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