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It was a T shirt!

While rummaging through my bins of "things I have to make or finish one day" I came across an old T shirt that used to be my son's when he was little. Thinking to myself "if I don't do something with this T shirt soon I probably never will" and the fact that my son is now 33 prompted me to finally create something out of it.

Now I had only one T shirt not dozens to make a quilt with, so I decided to turn it into a work of art that could be displayed on a wall. I could envision a small child wanting to have on their bedroom I made "Sesame Dudes".

This was an original licensed Sesame Street T shirt that I purchased. After measuring I cut the front away from the back and fused an interfacing on the back to help it retain it's shape. I then added batting and quilted the entire panel. I wanted to mount it on an already stretched canvas but it was a little too small for the 18" X 24" size so I added some black fabric strips all the way around to enlarge and enable me to wrap it around the canvas and staple it to the back. I then seal the back with a glue gun and heavy duty brown paper, then add a hanging hook.

I like quite a bit! I even sent a picture to my son to show him what I created with his cast off t shirt. And am more than willing to let him have it back.....for a

You can see this and many of my other quilts during the entire month of March at The Gibby in Middletown DE.

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