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It's September?

Where have I been? I last posted in August! Today is September 9th. Where does all the time go?

Labor Day was stuck in there for a few days and while I really didn't go anywhere I did take some time off from quilting!!! It was hard, but I managed to not do any quilting all day Monday!

My order from AccuQuilt with new dies arrived. What fun! It always feels like a mini-Christmas when quilting goodies arrive. Started playing with the new 8" finished snails trail block on board (bob). Still working through my stash and found some really neat blue/green printed fabric that I can use. Add to that my new white "bubble" printed fabric. I decided to add sashing and cornerstones from another popular block design. Can you guess which one? My AccuQuilt Club folks at SewWhat! in Wilmington may be able to guess as we worked on it in August

I did manage to finish the Tulip quilt that I made last year. It was a small quilt/wall hanging that I designed using cutting dies from the the 8"QUBE. I free motion quilted it on my long arm yesterday.

If you have never tried free motion quilting I urge you to try it! Go spend an hour in a shop and buy some time on a long arm and if they offer it take a lesson or two. I find it very Zen. Once you get comfortable it is really soothing to watch the stitches form as you move the machine around. For the first few weeks while I was learning I would put an length of random fabric with batting and backing on the quilt rack and just doodle. I justified using the fabric to practice by cutting the "doodling" into place mats and binding them afterward. Some of them actually looked really cool! Sorry no pics, that was a long time ago....

Now I am going to set my sites on making some stuff for the Holidays.

That always cheers me up.

I did make some stockings last month I forgot to tell you about. And I did start a gingerbread person project a few weeks back. Better go back and find it! And I am working on a wreath using just fabric squares and some fusible. Oh! I almost forgot I have a tumbler die I want to cut a bunch of my Christmas fabric with and make some quick quilts for the holidays.

If any of you out there have ideas on what you would like me to talk about or demo please feel free reach out and let me know.

In the meantime, I hope everyone out there is staying safe!

Happy Quilting!

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