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I'm back....

It's been a long 6-8 weeks.

Was feeling really bad, neck hurt, headaches, insomnia and lots of other annoying little issues. Turns out a disc in my neck was not happy. Never connected all the problems I was having with my neck, but I have had 3 disc replacement surgery's in the past (2011-2012) so I guess it's not surprising.

Anyway, I ended up in the emergency room about 3 weeks ago with severe nerve pain going down both arms, felt like I was being electrocuted. On anti-inflammatory until I can get an official diagnosis from my surgeon. Think I might need another disc replacement.

So please forgive my absence. I even forgot to water my plants for 2 weeks! Amazing they survived!

Next up are the last segments of my Quilt Exhibit that was in March.

Then on to new projects and ideas!

I have just figured out I can create both rotary cutting directions as well as templates when I design my quilts so I will be including them in my patterns going forward. I will also be adding them to existing published patterns as time permits.

If you purchase one of my patterns and would like to get the rotary or template information please send me a message and I will send them to you.

Happy Quilting :)

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