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Happy New Year!

It was only end November but seems like a year since I last blogged.

Part of my absence was because I was in the final stages of working on my secret project (which is now finished, but later on that) and part of was to not to inundate people with messages during an already crazy digital messaging tsunami!

I have never received more mail on a daily basis from people and companies wanting me to buy this, subscribe to that, support something worthy or to see what new "stuff" is out there. Some of these messages came in on a daily basis!

The other constant intrusion were the political messages. I made the mistake of ONCE answering a political poll from one of the candidates and since then I have been drowning in messages to give to this, support that or tell everyone I support their cause! At one point I was receiving 10-15 urgent political messages a day and each one was coming from another member of that particular party. Really?

I ended up just deleting everything a few times a day and figured if I was being swarmed by messages so was everyone else!

So now that it is the start of a new year and the constant barrage of messages has seemed to slacken.......I have decided to start writing again.

First of all, I hope everyone is safe and healthy and managing to stay positive during these crazy and trying times! I know quilting is saving me. I find it very Zen.

In addition to my daily quilting, over the holidays I baked cookies. Lots and lots of cookies! And participated in several AccuQuilt FaceBook Live Events, the last one being this past Monday (January 5th). New Year New You Organization Tips. I think it is still on the AccuQuilt FaceBook page if anyone is interested.

And finally finished my secret project!

It is a 166 page pattern book called: "50+ Fast & Easy Quilt Patterns, using the AccuQuilt GO! Me". Right now the book is at the printers and should be ready for sale around February 1st. Once I get the inventory I will make the book available for sale via my Etsy Shop. Retail: $24.95

New video has just been posted to YouTube.

It is a short demo featuring RULER WORK on a quilt I made using the AccuQuilt Chimney Sweep die. Here is the link:

Quilting is a great way to reduce stress and it helps keep you out of the refrigerator!!!

Hope you are all well and safe as we start the new year.

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