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Great baby gift! Great me gift!

I purchased an AccuQuilt burp cloth die not to make burp cloths but to make crossbody bags. While I would love "someday" to be able to use the die as it was intended, right now there are no babies or grand babies expected by friends or family so I use the die to make crossbody bags.

I did manage to make one set of burp cloths and wrapped it up all pretty like it was purchased in a fancy online baby shop but that was the only time. In addition to using two layers of 100% flannel I also used a layer of 100% batting in between so it would be more absorbent and top stitched the edge after turning and pressing.

The crossbody bags sew together fairly quickly and can be made in a variety of fabrics. My pattern calls for a strap made from binding but a nice chain works just as well.

If you are using a lightweight fabric be sure to apply a layer of fusible interfacing to the fabric to make it sturdier before you cut your shapes. Leftover upholstery fabric and other heavy weight fabrics such as denim or canvas work really well but if they unravel easily or are soft you will still need the fusible layer.

The bags are fairly easy to make, just cut the burpcloth in half to form the main body of the purse. Cut a second set of burpcloth's, then cut 5" off each side and use that as the pockets for each side. Add binding to the top of each pocket, a zipper to the top and a shoulder strap and you are done. If you would prefer to follow a pattern I do offer one for sale on my ESTY shop.

Happy Sewing :)

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