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Fiber Art includes bracelets, yes?

As I continue to get ready for my exhibit at The Gibby in Middletown Delaware during National Quilt Month (March) I find myself making items I have long had on my "to do" list.

In addition, since the title of my upcoming exhibit is: Fiber Art, to stitch or not to stitch, I thought I should make something out of fabric that was NOT I thought, why not make bracelets?

Bracelets you may ask...what does that have to do with Fiber Art??? or quilts?

When you sew as much as I do you collect scraps and small pieces of fabric, batting, thread, beads, cording, embellishments, notions etc. which you hate to throw out. Eventually you have to do something with all those bits and pieces...especially when you have several larges bins full of these tiny remnants of past quilts created.

I am a saver and a collector, not to be confused with hoarding. Hoarding is when you save everything and anything and are loathe to part with anything. I am not one of those people. I only save things related to quilting and sewing (lol). One of those things I collect are empty cardboard tape rolls. You know the ones that are left when you run out of masking or duck tape. I have managed to collect almost a dozen of these cardboard circles which I was determined to make something from. However, not only did I have these 1" - 2" wide cardboard rings but I also happened to snag a long cardboard tube with was the perfect diameter to make, yes you guessed it more small rings. So I cut that tube up into various widths and was able to make a bunch more rings.

My goal was to make bangle bracelets without I took out my hot glue gun, spread some cardboard out on my sewing work table and started to assemble.

I fussed, I mussed, I glued and cut. I ripped fabric to fray the ends for some bracelets and cut carefully for others. Lace, beads, buttons, bows and a few pins later I was done.

17 bangle bracelets were created, some elegant and some fun and frivolous!

These will all be on display (and available for sale too) during the show in March.

On to the next item on my "to do" list, stay tuned.

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