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Face Masks anyone?

As most of quilter's have done, so too have I made face masks. Lots and lots of face masks. Though not as many as some people I did manage to donate a few hundred during the earlier stages of the pandemic.

I recently watched a segment on TV that compared various style and construction face masks to see which performed best. The 100% cotton, 3 layer mask was judged their winner as it was the most effective.

So now I am back making face masks with 3 layers this time instead of two. I am using the AccuQuilt Olsen face mask die to make my new versions. I prefer elastic so I am not making fabric ties and I decided to only use two of the shapes on the die board. The larger front die piece and the front lining piece. If you do not have the AccuQuilt Die you but do have mask templates you can cut your pieces by hand and still follow the assembly.

I created a YouTube video that details my entire mask making process, if you are interested in learning my method, please check it out: and if you find it useful, please LIKE my page and FOLLOW me.

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