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Exhibit at The Gibby Gallery during March, National Quilt Month...The Gallery Window.

I was asked to be the SOLO artist at the local gallery in the town I live: Middletown Delaware. This is the first time in the 12 years that I have been a member that I have been invited to take over the entire gallery with my quilts. This is also the first time the gallery has ever featured a quilt artist.

Ladies I think our art is finally getting the same recognition that other the other fine arts such as painting, sculpting, photography etc. have always enjoyed.

The exhibit lasted for the month and I was told it was the best exhibit they have ever had. Maybe now they realize what a large group us quilters are!

Anyway, I wanted to share the exhibit with you as I know you could not travel to see the exhibit any many expressed a desire to see the quilts and other goodies I made for the exhibit.

The exhibit featured over 100 pieces! Not to worry! I am not planning on showing them all to you at once. I have divided the exhibit into sections and will be featuring a different section in each post.

This post will feature the quilts displayed in the gallery window. The first image will be the overall shot. All remaining images will be individual shots of the quilts in the first image.

BTW, all my quilts are for sale and can all eventually be found at my shop.

Not everything is loaded now so if there is something of interest you see in the photos but is not on Etsy please message me!

Hope you enjoy the exhibit!

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