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Everything is coming up Daisies!

I finished a total of 9 versions of my Daisy quilt! Here are some details:

Each measures about 36" X 36"

All were from original photographs I took

The flowers were actually died the colors you see: pink, yellow, green, blue....all except the TEAL color. When I was working in Photoshop I manipulated the blue to turn it to teal accidentally and I really liked it so I kept it.

I used Photoshop to change the appearance of the flowers by using the mosaic and line drawing effects.

Once the photos were finished I sized them to fit on one yard of fabric and had them printed at a company called Spoonflower.

Each image was printed on 100% cotton

You too can purchase the images I created by going to and searching for my shop called: FontanaOriginals. You would purchase one yard of fabric in the flower of your choice. It will come printed and ready to enhance.

Every quilt was embellished with thread painting. I used hundreds and hundreds of yards of thread on every quilt.

I am hoping to work on my next collection called "lemons" soon :)

Hope you like my Daisies!

Please comment and like me if you do too!


Happy Quilting!

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