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Drunkards Path Seagulls?

I created a drunkards path quilt sometime ago using very bright saturated colors. Loved it so much I wrote a pattern so others could make it too. I used the 7" finished AccuQuilt die board to make the quilt.

I had purchased the die specifically to make that quilt and now that it was finished I found I really enjoyed sewing curves and decided I had to create another design I could use with this die. I finally decided to create a flock of seagulls but also decided I needed the 4-1/2" finished drunkards path die so I could make baby seagulls too!

I am not sure why I also feel the need for more dies to go with my old die but alas, this is what always seems to happen! Guess a psychiatrist would say that is obsessive/compulsive behavior....always needing more dies...but I think it is more like setting oneself up for success!

So here is my quilt top, made with both the 7" and 4-1/2" finished Drunkards Path dies.

I used a dark blue fabric with silver sparkles as the sky fabric and an off white and gray marbleized fabric for the seagulls and a few scraps of variegated orange for the beaks.

It is now going on the quilt rack to be quilted...I have a design in mind but don't want to share as it may change once I start! Stay tuned for the finished version!

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