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Catching up!

Finally starting to catch up! I actually sewed together, quilted and finished two baby quilts from the 860 or so "tumbler" shapes I cut out of the AccuQuilt 4-1/2" tumbler die #55445 during my "Cutting SPA Day" (see YouTube video).

The design I created for the baby quilt was a simple and quick one. Used 84 tumblers in 7 rows and 12 columns then added a 4" finished border. Finished size measured 34-1/2" X 40" finished size. So in total, for both baby quilts I used 168 of the 860+ shapes I cut out. Only need to make another 8 quilts or so! Think I may need to make one or two larger versions or I will never up all the pieces I

As you may recall I was attempting to use up my old Christmas and Holiday fabrics with the Tumbler die. I did manage to use up a bit of fabric but alas, the other day I went out and bought more Christmas fabric for another project so I am back where I started. Actually, if I think about it, I am probably losing ground! More fabric and more cut shapes to deal with! At this rate I will never finish!

BTW, when I finished the quilt top I decided to back it with a Minky or a super-soft fleece so it would be warm and cuddly on the back side. Rather than using a batting and a backing I used the fleece as both those layers so I actually only had two layers. I did this as I was concerned it would be too heavy otherwise. Since the quilt top was all cotton and the fleece was a synthetic I decided to wash them both to see how they reacted. They washed beautifully! In fact the washing really make the quilt look better. It had a really nice hand and the back was oh, so soft!

I think I found another quick and fast method that suits my "need for speed" methodology!

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