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Another crossbody bag this time from a circle!

I decided to challenge myself and make a crossbody from a few circles. I didn't have a die large enough so I took a 10" dinner plate and used that as my template.

The fabric used is a heavy weight canvas with a leopard print with a layer of heavy weight interfacing called Timtex. It is similar to the material they put in baseball cap brims.

The back, top fold and front flap are all the same piece.

The front and back pocket are a second set of circles. The front is cut about 60% of the circle and the remaining smaller piece was used for the back pocket.

I used a 3-1/2" strip cutter to make the strap and gusset. They are all one long piece sewn into a circle then zig zag stitched to the purse parts.

Didn't come out too badly. Need to write a pattern as diagrams will help a lot!

Stay tuned.

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