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Exhibit at The Gibby Gallery during March, National Quilt Month...TESSELLATIONS section.

A tessellation is created when a shape is repeated over and over again covering a plane without any gaps or overlaps.

Another word for a tessellation is a tiling.


If you look at a completed tessellation, you will see the original motif repeats in a pattern.

Four Types of Symmetry in a Plane

There are 4 ways of moving a motif to another position in the pattern. These were described by MC Escher.

¨ Translation

¨ Reflection

¨ Rotation

¨ Glide Reflection

Between 1936 and 1942 MC Escher produced 43 colored drawings with a wide variety of symmetry types while working on possible periodic tiling's. He adopted a highly mathematical approach with a systematic study using a notation which he invented himself.

The LIZARD quilt shown at the top of this page is a reproduction of one of MC Escher’s drawings.

Immediately below is the exhibit wall featuring my tessellations that were first made as a quilt then mounted on canvas for easy display!

And below that are individual images of the quilts on canvas featuring these interwoven repeating designs. They are all familiar designs that tessellated well….

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